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i'm a helpless lil girl.

I'm in desprite need of a layout, but i'm not too computer savvy. So I really hope I can get some help on here, it would be extremely appreciated! I don't really care how long it takes as long as it looks good and is done with lots of love!

who do you want to make it?: Oh, I don't really care. Anyone!
What do you want made?: A layout, nothing too fancy but something better than my plain ole green. I would like the image on the left and the text on the right hand side.
Image(s) (link please): http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v381/sadisticdemon911/lost.jpg
Colors(font, background, outline, border, etc...): Font-black or anything that might look good, Background-Pinkish/red, Outline-An orangish yellow. The colors can just be what looks good. I don't care if it's my way just so it looks really good. I'm not too picky.
Text: for comments? to comment-we'll all be giants, show there's a comment-and they said...or visa versa i can't remember which comes first.
Type of Font OR Specific Font: Verdana is fine, Arial, or monotype corsiva. Whatever you think looks best.
Font size: 9, something rather small nothing too large.
Image Effects: None
do you want this done exactly how you said or do you want maker creativity?: No, go ahead and be creativity god forbid I'm not too much when it comes to computer stuff. Have fun and mess with it.

thanks so much in advance! if there's something you need to ask you can either leave a comment here or email me No_ones_star@hellokitty.com. thanks again!

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