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Layout Request

<P> </P>
 ~Color scheme: Gold
 ~Comment links text: Tender touch for making a comment. Has Been Touched around number
 ~Background picture:
 ~Background picture position: Top of The Screen
 ~Background scrolling: No repeat
 ~Background color: Black And Gold
 ~Font: Arial
 ~Font size: Small
 ~Title for journal at top: Love has No Enemies
 ~Scroll bar colors: (Arrow color: Gold , bar color: White, outline color: Gold)
 ~Border type: Solid
 ~Border thickness: Thin
 ~Border color: Gold
 ~Entry position: Right
 ~Other details: On the Layout I Would Like it to Say:You are my ♥Romeo♥ and I am You ♥Juliet♥. We are ♥Meant♥ To Be. No Matter what. I Will Be ♥With You Through The Rough Times♥. I Will Be ♥By Your Side Forever♥. I Wanna Live With You ♥Forever♥. You Are ♥My Everything♥. ♥My World♥. And My Only ♥Hope♥. And Only You Can ♥Under Stand Me♥. ♥And Only You Can Hear The Special Song I Sing♥, For ♥Our Love♥. You Are My ♥Passion♥. You Are ♥My Rain, Falling On Me, Keeping me grounded♥. We are ♥Together Forever♥. You and I are ♥Truely Meant♥ To Be Together. ♥I Love You Dylan♥. And I ♥Always Will♥.
 ~my e-mail: Alexandra20@aol.com
~~~~~Note:Add anything that you would think looks good!
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