The world is not just my oyster, it's my slave. (moodynymph216) wrote in by_kendallia,
The world is not just my oyster, it's my slave.

Layout Request!!

× Color scheme: black and gold
× Comment links text: the truth hurts for making a comment. parenthesis around number of comments (refer to
× Background picture:
× Background picture position: left
× Background scrolling: no repeat
× Background color: black
× Font: arial
× Font size: medium
× Title for journal at top: the todd truth
× Scroll bar colors: (Arrow color: black , bar color: blue, outline color: black)
× Border type: solid
× Border thickness: thin
× Border color: white
× Entry position: right
× Other details: make subject header bigger than font in post
× header: have header be bigger and bolder than regular pages
× make post pages gold, make date and time of entry on upper left corner
× when selecting a link, make it shadow gray like here xlayoutrequestx
× no calendar
× my e-mail:
× have fun with it!

Psst...if anything looks shitty or if you reccommend something thats not up there, just do it. Im sure you have more experience in this than I do.
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