You & Me Together Picture Perfect <3. (mangledxdreams) wrote in by_kendallia,
You & Me Together Picture Perfect <3.

hello =)

who do you want to make it?: it doesn't matter to me.
What do you want made?: an icon
Image(s) (link please):
Colors(font, background, outline, border, etc...): it doesn't matter what the font is, as long as it's not too fancy, or too small. the font coler should be white. the border can be black. the color of the icon can be blue.
Text: 'So you traded her in for a better looking brand'
Type of Font OR Specific Font: nothing specific, whatever looks good.
Font size: i dont care, not too small- not too big. lol
Image Effects: could you possibly make the word 'better' fade?
do you want this done exactly how you said or do you want maker creativity?: somewhat along the lines of what i said, but use you're own creativity too! =)


thanks SO much in advance. i've been dying to get this icon done. =D



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