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Stuff By Kendallia

oh the things i've made

Icons, images, layouts and etc. by kendallia
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this is the place where i will post all my goodies. All the stuff i've made and i'll do requests too. we'll see. i love doing this kinda stuff. i'm a mod over at check it out its a really cool place.

If you would like to make a request please join-either-community and post, because,um you cant post without joining.

Please do not request in comments, i might not get it that way.

ew, i hate rules, but i'm way laid back and if i make u something and u dont like it completely just tell me and i'll change it (assuming its not too insane).

who do you want to make it?:
What do you want made?:
Image(s) (link please):
Colors(font, background, outline, border, etc...):
Type of Font OR Specific Font:
Font size:
Image Effects:
do you want this done exactly how you said or do you want maker creativity?:


some of my colorbars!:

♥ The Beatles are love ♥.

colorbar request:

♥ Audrey is Beauty ♥

some brushes in icons found at: crushedviolet
ideas for rules and request criteria borrowed from: bubble eyeconz