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who do you want to make it?: honestly doesn't matter, whoever has the time. I'm in no rush, but would like it done in decent timing.
What do you want made?: Well my friend tried doing what I wanted but the links to info/friends/etc didn't show. So what I would like now, is the picture above the entries, and entries preferably to the right of the page.
Image(s) (link please):
Colors(font, background, outline, border, etc...): Font-#c7c7c7 / background of page- #000000 / entry background- #454545 / border- #ffffff and can the border be a size 3? / links- #e0eeee / need anything else, ask me.
Text: for comment links? to comment- together / shows it has been commented- now we walk
Type of Font OR Specific Font: Ariel Black is fine. or if you have any suggestions ask me. I just want something readable.
Font size: the normal size...? 2 isn't it? sorry
Image Effects: none
do you want this done exactly how you said or do you want maker creativity?: If the maker want to be creative, fine. But please stick to the basic theme. If you think it would look better in a different postiton/image placement different.. doesn't really matter. I'd prefer the image over the entries but it's no biggie

Hopefully this is thorough enough. If not either comment on this journal or email me @ and if you're honestly willing I'll give you the password.

OH and if you want to see how the journal is now it is xstitchthsheart
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