Loni (unfittobeyou) wrote in by_kendallia,

lay out

who do you want to make it?:doesnt matter
What do you want made?: a layout
Image(s) (link please):http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v227/loneliestgoldfish/newlayo0ut.bmp
Colors(font, background, outline, border, etc...): i want the font to be black, backround to be a yellow-green, outlines and borders just vary from faded dark greens and same for the scroll bar
Type of Font OR Specific Font: broadway font
Font size:12
Image Effects: i want the backround image to be stretched, not repeated.
do you want this done exactly how you said or do you want maker creativity?: i also want the entries to be to the left and thin. i also would like that cool star thing, the one that changes from one web page to another. thats about it.

thanks, i really appreciate it.
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